Iberian Pork Ham Bellota


Iberian ham from pigs fed with acorns (bellota) with gentle flavour, low cholesterol level, high percentage of healthy fat and great contents in proteins.

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Our Iberian pork ham bellota has been made from the rear leg from Iberian pigs fed with acorns (bellota). It has been prepared with the appropriate salting procedure and then it is left to settle in natural storage places for maturing and curing. Only with this meticulous and careful process we get a product of great quality.


Iberian ham, salt, preservatives (E -252, E -250).


SensoryNutritionals valuesExpiry date
Colour Red meat with fat marbling
Flavour Subtle flavour, no salty
Scent Nice and delightful, typical of cured cold meat
Texture Uniform, creamy, nor soft neither thick
Type Per 100 gr
Energetic Value (Kcal/KJ) 332 Kcal/1377 Kj
Proteins 29 gr
Carbohydrates 0 gr
Fat 24 gr
Best before Format
2 years Whole pieces in vacuum packing and with no packaging
1 year Ham centerpieces and other ham fragments in vacuum packing
6 months Slices in vacuum packing

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Weight 8 kg